About Our Company

Pleasant Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation is a facility operated by Arkansas Elder Outreach of Little Rock, a non-profit organization established over a decade ago to offer safe, dignified, and home-like alternatives to seniors who can no longer live at home. Arkansas Elder Outreach began its operations with four nursing homes located in central and northeast Arkansas. Since then, Arkansas Elder Outreach of Little Rock has more than doubled in size with the addition of five nursing homes located in South Louisiana. Now, with multi-state operations, we are doing business simply as Elder Outreach.

Our core mission at Elder Outreach is to provide healthcare that is well beyond ordinary to those in need of long-term care and short-term rehabilitation. However, we do so much more. As a non-profit organization, we strive to make a strong, meaningful impact in every community our facilities serve. Pleasant Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation, as part of Elder Outreach, provides charitable contributions to local area fire and police departments, military veterans groups, schools and libraries, food banks, homeless shelters, educational and athletic programs, as well as leading the fight against Alzheimer’s through our giving and fundraising efforts.

While embracing Elder Outreach’s core mission and high standards of personal care for our residents, each Elder Outreach facility operates like a family-owned business.  Our community-based staff and facility size allow us to develop individual relationships with each resident to provide personalized care based on each resident’s needs and desires. This approach allows Pleasant Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation to promote quality of life for all residents and to continue our commitment to providing healthcare well beyond ordinary.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable our residents to live life to its fullest, regardless of age or health, with compassion, understanding, respect, dignity, and caring support.