Signature Programs

Pleasant Valley Has Personality
Keeping the body and mind active are as important to staying healthy as your annual physical. Just because you no longer live at home doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones. Our signature programs at Pleasant Valley are not about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and personalities.

Garden Gourmet

With Pleasant Valley’s Garden Gourmet program, our residents enjoy maintaining a robust garden year-round, located just off the back patio. We plant and grow seasonal fruits and vegetables in the community garden. Once ripe, they’re hand-picked then utilized in recipes in our kitchen for a true garden to table dining experience.

My Pleasure Committee

Pleasant Valley’s My Pleasure Committee is a group of passionate residents who search for opportunities to bring happiness to others through small acts of kindness. They spend their time passing out special treats in the Pleasant Valley and surrounding community to spread positive attitudes and contagious smiles.

Cooking With Sue

Cooking With Sue inspires residents to prepare and cook their favorite family recipes in a social setting which promotes a sense of well-being, purpose and happiness in community living. Residents of all ages and backgrounds can engage in recipe research, cooking discussions, ingredient prep, and the actual cooking of a dish, helping to create a sense of community and culture in the kitchen.

Person-Centered Care Model

Pleasant Valley's caregivers are specially trained to develop relationships through personalized care that help get to the heart of the matter. Our philosophy involves putting the resident first and getting to know them in a way that's authentic and meaningful.

Pet Therapy

At Pleasant Valley, our residents enjoy the many therapeutic and health benefits - from lowered anxiety to reduced loneliness - that come from innovative therapy involving interactions with furry friends.